Liberty Principia = Liberty Principles.  Liberty is the force which moves the Universe.  All elements – natural, spiritual, mortal – have the inherent gift of Liberty to choose what or who they will be.

Liberty Principia is Karen’s way of sharing her thoughts with others as she explores the nature of Liberty, Mankind, and the Universe.

Portrait - Hatcher Pass AlaskaPondering the things of this world and others is just one of Karen’s passions.   The others are her children and grandchildren.  She enjoys walks in the woods, especially Alaska.   She loves learning many things – history, law, the sciences, etc.  She enjoys spinning, weaving, reading, music of many different genres.

Karen has been a local, state, and national leader in the Liberty movement, specifically with the Constitution Party.  She enjoys teaching Liberty Principles to children and adults.

Karen is also an avid Family History researcher and author.  She has written Quincy Valley (Arcadia Publishing),  Lena: Pioneer Girl (Quincy Valley Historical Society), America Need A Third Party Now! (Lulu), and The Constitution Minute with Randall Yearout (Lulu).   She is currently working on a second book for the Quincy Valley Historical Society.

She hopes you will enjoy her ponderings and share your thoughts as well in the comments.