Is This Not How LIBERTY is Lost?

Crises come and Crises go, it is a law of Nature, as History shows.  Will we do this every time we face a crisis from now on?

With the passage of the $2 Trillion Corona Virus Relief Stimulus legislation, Congress is basically using the tax money paid in by the American People for many generations as collateral for giving the people back a portion of their own money (taken from them by the force of government) while driving the nation deeper and deeper into debt for the sake of very temporary security and safety.  Crises come and Crises go, it is a law of Nature, as History shows.  Will we do this every time we face a crisis from now on?

It is like parents taking out credit cards in their children’s names and charging them to the full extent of their credit, printing monopoly money on their home printer and using that to pay the debt with the understanding that the children and their grandchildren, and then their grandchildren, will earn enough to pay it all, given enough time and income.  Buy now and future generations will pay later.  I call that fraud, theft, and a reverse Ponzi scheme.  Congress calls it business as usual.

I  personally think we should hold China accountable for their withholding of vital information about the virus by withholding interest payment on all the US Treasury Bonds and other financial instruments China may hold, confiscating all their assets on United States soil, sell those assets, and use that money as a direct payment of the debt we are racking up.  If China retaliates by flooding the market with US bonds, then We the People sell our shares in Chinese companies, buy those bonds and invest in our own country.

If we don’t find a way to reduce our debt and stop printing fiat money that has no gold or silver reserves to back it up, we are in for far more trouble than we face with this current crisis.

I must ask you… is this not how LIBERTY is lost?

2 thoughts on “Is This Not How LIBERTY is Lost?

  1. AMEN!!!

    A couple corrections – in the first paragraph, it’s $2 “Trillion” not Billion, but they’re both more than we can pay, so it doesn’t really matter a lot.

    In the second paragraph the phrase “and their grandchildren” is repeated twice.

    It’s all so clear and easy to see when someone with common sense calmly calls it all what it really is. It takes politicians, reporters, and a cast of thousands of talking heads blathering around the clock to to make what the government is doing sound like something real and intelligent.

    Robert W. Peck Phone: 509-954-9335 Email: Website:


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